SR-9009 Stenabolic-Capsules


SR-9009 Stenabolic-Capsules

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SR-9009 popularly known as Stenbolic can increase stamina, weight loss, and endurance.

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SR-9009 Sarms Capsules Luxembourg

SR-9009 sarms capsules popularly known as Stenbolic, is categorized as REV-ERB agonist.

Professor Thomas Burris develops it with initial findings that Stenabolic can increase stamina, weight loss, and endurance.

It is known to effectively lower blood cholesterol, the risk of heart disease development and inflammation.

Stebolic can help many bodybuilders and athletes to develop muscles even having a sedentary training. It can cause an increase in the resting metabolic rate in the absence of workout or exercise.

Medical Overview of SR-9009 Sarms Capsules

SR-9009 as a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator or SARM is considered as one of the best performance enhancers used in the fitness or bodybuilding industry.

It promises to increase the endurance together with reversed mitochondrial damage.

Stenabolic offers the same effects as traditional steroids. On the other hand, it comes without common side effects. Thus, it provides numerous benefits to help individuals to become stronger and leaner.

How SR-9009 works? It works employing attaching to REV-ERB alpha to influence the lipid metabolism and glucose in the liver.

It also affects how do macrophages can respond during the inflammation.

REV-ERB alpha is essential in the regulation process of the metabolism as well as in the body’s circadian rhythm.

With the help of SR-9009, your body can stimulate REV-ERB alpha so that you can gain more benefits from the metabolic boost.

It is currently known to help people increase their tolerance to exercise potentially.

When compared to traditional steroids, Stenabolic showed no trace of side effects. It is best advised to discontinue taking the capsules when you notice some untoward effects in your well-being.

Benefits of SR-9009 Sarms Capsules Luxembourg

When you take SR-9009 capsules, you can maximize fat loss. Stenabolic is considered to be fat soluble so that you can make it with food. It is also ideal to take the capsules together with a pre-workout meal.

Stenabolic can help the body to activate the REV-ERB protein. It can increase the mitochondria production in the muscle cells while promoting improvement in the metabolism, grow in strength and greater endurance. Also, you can notice up to 50% increase in your running speed.

One of the exciting benefits of SR-9009 is its ability to improve the blood cholesterol levels. Also, it can reduce the inflammation and increase the muscle insulin sensitivity.

In the recent studies, it was revealed that taking Stenabolic daily can reduce the plasma triglycerides up to 12%, pro-inflammatory up to 72%, plasma insulin level up to 35%, plasma glucose up to 19% and cholesterol level up to 47%.

When compared to Cardarine, SR-9009 can provide similar benefits. The main difference between the two compounds is that Stenabolic has a half-life of four hours while Cardarine has a half-life of twenty-four hours. Since Stenabolic has a short half-life, it becomes outstanding before a workout routine due to its ability to increase endurance and lose body fats.

How to Take SR-9009 Capsules


SR9009 is ideal to be taken with your pre-workout meals. If you prefer taking it by itself, the typical dosage is 10 mg 3 times a day and spread out.

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