Melanotan 1 or Melanotan 2 – Which one?
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Melanotan 1 vs. Melanotan 2 Luxembourg

Summer is the best time to celebrate in a blue-crystal beach with fine sand and tons of pine trees.

When did you celebrate your last summer? Who were your travel buddies? Perhaps, your friends or colleagues. How was your experience? Was it traumatic? Did all your friends have that perfect tan except you?

Well, don’t worry. It’s never too late to surprise them with your unique and sexy complexion this 2019. But how to get started? What are the tanning solutions you can use? Worry no more as you have come to the right place!

Probably, they used Melanotan last summer. Why don’t you incorporate one into your skin regimen today? In the market, we have Melanotan 1 and Melanotan 2

Whether you want to achieve a naturally tanned skin colour or avoid the UV rays, the use of Melanotan is the ideal solution for you. So is it Melanotan 1 vs. Melanotan 2 ?

Melanotan: A Brief Overview Luxembourg

Melanotan is a peptide that allows a person to get a natural-looking tan. It’s no wonder why it has been receiving widespread popularity. While sitting under the sun for hours can be effective, it can pose many health hazards. Too much sun exposure can lead to skin cancer and other risks.

The use of Melanotan, on the other hand, is safe and stress-free. With proper intake, you can avoid the hassles of getting a nice golden tan.

Melanotan 1

UV exposure is the number one solution to have a sexier complexion. While it’s effective to some, people with pale skin encounter a hard time. As a substitute, they use lotion. But it leads to allergic reactions and other serious complications.

So, what’s the best option for your unique needs? Melanotan 1 should be on top of your priority. Aside from activating the melanocyte hormone, here are the other features you can enjoy:

  • Stimulates the effect of melanocyte and other naturally produced hormones.
  • Free of side effects as it protects the user from allergic reactions and other skin complications.
  • It is of high-quality tanning solution on the market.


  • It is available at a hefty price. It is costlier than Melanotan 2.
  • It is not as accessible as MT-2.

Melanotan 2 Luxembourg

Melanotan 2 is also designed to emulate the effect of produced melanocytes. As a shorter version of afamelanotide, MT-2 is effective and feature-packed. More than the tanning effect, it provides libido-enhancing effects. Whether you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction or female sexual issues, MT-2 is a worth-it investment you cannot afford to miss.

Other Features

  • It is available at a competitive rate, which in turn can lead to more significant savings.
  • It can be found easily in the market. It is available in a range of drugstores nationwide.
  • It serves as a great energy booster.
  • It also boosts your stamina.


  • It brings side effects that might be harmful. But it only happens to people who take a larger dose.
  • It increases the risk of getting palpitations, high blood pressure, and other health complications.

Whatever your option, you can be sure to achieve a golden tan in no time!